The Start to $Write2Earn
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The Start to $Write2Earn

I don't know why but I just cannot shake the excitement from starting my journey writing online. Blogs have been around for ages. I still remember starting my first blog during high school about how to create flash animations. Now, I'm writing about investing and particularly my current passion, crypto.

I feel a bit late to the crypto game having dived in head first in February this year. There is so much to learn and discover and I feel like there is not enough time in the day to do everything I want. I guess it would be similar to when the world wide web first launched to the public. Where do you start?

Thankfully, the crypto community is amazing and I fell right into an entire ecosystem whereby people write content on the internet to earn cryptocurrency. What a great way to start your journey if you are overwhelmed with crypto investing. Instead of purchasing crypto with your fiat, you can earn crypto with your effort and time. Psychologically, this is a much lower barrier to entry, because in a sense if the token you get does not hold value (which I double will happen overnight), at least you didn't lose anything (besides your time).

What I love about crypto and blockchain is that I started with one thing and I ended up with five. Below is where I am currently posting my content and how I'm going so far.

  1. Publish0x - The simplest platform to get started is Publish0x. You sign up with your email and as a reader you'll be gifted with the ability to tip articles you enjoy reading (to up a certain tipping limit everyday) in crypto. They are currently paying out AMPL, ETH and IFARM. I first signed up as a reader and quickly found myself signing up to become an author so I can post my crypto investing and learning journey. My stats are below for posting everyday for about 4 days:  

2. Hive / LeoFinance - After a few days posting on Publish0x, one of my readers commented on my article telling me to signup to Hive / LeoFinance and Noise Cash because I can earn more for writing there. I only heard about it from other bloggers on Publish0x so I decided to head over there to have a look. At first glance, it seemed to be much more active because of the number of likes, comments and payouts that top posts have (in the hundreds). So I decided to sign up to Hive which controls all the dapps on the Hive blockchain including LeoFinance. My first intro post managed to get USD $7.97(!?) which is amazing. There is also an option to share the blog on Hive.Blog so two birds with one stone! I've also read some quality posts on LeoFinance so I definitely want to continue using it as well for my own learning.

3. Read.Cash - A similar concept to all the above where you post quality content and get rewarded in BCH (Bitcoin Cash) instead of a platform token (like Hive or Leo). I have only explored this platform preliminarily and I have to say, I quite like how articles are laid out (straight down vertically instead of everywhere). Payouts and engagement seem to be on a similar level to Publish0x.

This is just the beginning. There is so much for me to explore and to learn and I hope to contribute regularly to these communities with my content. Oh and I'll try and write a Write2Earn earnings report every month to record how I'm going with all of them.

Until then, keep stacking!  

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