Unstake abundant NFTs from RPlanet or get blacklisted
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Unstake abundant NFTs from RPlanet or get blacklisted

I first discovered RPlanet from other Alien Worlds explorers. It allows users connected on the WAX blockchain to stake their NFTs for Aether. If you have no idea what Aether is, nor do I. It's a token of RPlanet that seems to allow you to create elements if you gather about 10,000 Aether. And once you have all four (?), you can put them in the generator to combine to create some other non-basic elements. Why do I want to do that? I'm guessing these non-basic elements have some rarity that is worth ?? as an NFT.

So I was happily earning my 0.3 Aether per abundant NFT from Alien Worlds until I've heard rumours that this was all coming to an end. The massive influx of players on AW and the number of abundant NFTs seem to have caused some issues for RPlanet. They didn't expect that I'm guessing.

So far, I've been able to earn about 8.3 Aether per hour for 27 Abundant and Common NFTs I've found on AW and staked for a "passive income". I've earned a grand total of 5,179 Aether to date which is worth just slightly over $1. Not quite enough to buy a basic element and also not quite enough to incentivise me to trade it on Alcor Exchange. You can still stake Abundant NFTs from AW on RPlanet, because the RPlanet team has not bothered to post this anywhere on their website or disabled the functionality for people to continue staking Abundants for Aether. It wasn't until by chance I saw it on the AW Subreddit that I realised some interesting things about the RPlanet team...

Link to post.

"It was clarified a week ago". I hope he wasn't referring to the Tweet that nobody saw. Perhaps if it was advertised on the actual RPlanet website, people would know about it and understand. But this is a pretty crappy way to handle the situation and basically going down the path of blacklisting those who don't comply. You'll be "blocked from the next rig sale" if you don't unstake your Abundant NFTs immediately which they've told all the users many times from all ancillary channels except the main website that most people actually go to.

I'm not actually against the fact that they've had to drop rewarding the Abundants, I'm sure it was not sustainable and expensive for the team to maintain. It's the way that this message has been communicated (or the lack there of). I'm also not sure until when you'll have to unstake your NFTs, from Reddit it seems to be about a week. Anyway for those of you who might not want to be blacklisted for the rig sale, here's the way to unstake in bulk your NFTs from RPlanet. You might have some issues due to CPU but it would be the fastest if you have a lot of NFTs staked.

How to unstake in bulk

Step 1. Sign into https://nfthive.io/ with your WAX wallet

Step 2. Click on the three bars on the top right corner and select 'Bulk Tools' plus sign, then click on 'Unstake'

Step 3. Click 'All Assets' on the top right corner to select all NFTs and click 'Unstake'

There you go, that's how you can unstake your NFTs from RPlanet and never have to deal with that again.

I only have 1 Common NFT which I could stake for 0.5 Aether per hour but this whole debacle has left a sour taste in my mouth. At least now I don't have to waste my CPU on staking and claiming rewards on RPlanet.

Do you use RPlanet to stake your NFTs? What has your experience been?