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These are the products and services I personally use for my investing journey. I only recommend them if I truly love using them and feel like they can help you on your investing journey (as they have helped me).

I will never recommend any products or services I don't use myself or believe in.

Yes, I earn a small affiliate commission if you sign up to them, which helps me maintain this blog (hosting, domain name and time in writing posts!).

Crypto is the current exchange I'm using at the moment for most/all of my crypto purchases. It can be difficult to get used to but it is the one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. I've had no issues with Binance so far so I would not hesitate to recommend them given their very very low trading fee structure. However, I have heard that their support system is quite poor if you do end up needing some help. The link will entitle both you and me to 10% commission of the trading fee on all the trades you make. Caution: there is also Binance.US which is a different entity using the naming rights of Binance in the US.

CoinSpot - Get A$10 BTC

CoinSpot is an aussie crypto exchange platform and I'm putting it in my list because it is the platform that got me deep into crypto in the first place. 14th February 2021, CoinSpot had a valentines day sign up offer which was A$20 for signing up and you also got A$20 for referring other people. It was the only reason I signed up because I had no idea about crypto at the time. I don't use this (currently) as my main exchange when I buy and sell crypto (I use Binance, see below), but I think it's a great place to start for beginners with easy user interface and great support. And hey it's aussie!

Coinbase - US$10 if you trade more than $100 within 180 days

Coinbase is a reputable exchange which is about to be listed on the NASDAQ (COIN). I've signed up to Coinbase because you can earn free crypto by learning more about certain coins (Coinbase Earn) which is nifty. I really like the UI of the platform so I will be looking at doing more on Coinbase in the future.

Blockfi - Get US$10 BTC for depositing $100 or more into your account

Blockfi is an interest savings account for your cryptocurrency. They accept various different coins with no minimum balances. I have my BTC holdings with them at the moment which earns a 6% APY which is not too bad comparing to 0.7% I would get from the bank. Of course the reason they can do this is that they are lending out your crypto to borrowers and earning a higher interest rate from them (similar to how a fiat bank operates).

Happy to take donations to my public addresses:

  • BTC: bc1qpnx6ppj5tmmdgddk6txfge2hq9c0hf2nzaex7a
  • ETH: 0x51c3c285Da85B9F9353871b8910CdedD64FE106F
  • BNB: bnb1wx47lgddlw9f28ly45d2gkldk4p39f5y32s22v
  • WAX: wwxrc.wam

Let me know if I should be looking to add a specific coin/token to the above.

Stocks / ETFs

SelfWealth - Get 5 free trades

If you're an aussie, chances are the cheapest trade option for the ASX is SelfWealth. They have a fixed A$9.50 brokerage for all Australian trades. They have the lowest brokerage fees for CHESS sponsored trades. For me, I invest every month in either $1,000 or $2,000 chunks so the fixed fee is quite good. You can use this calculator here to find out the best investment intervals for you depending on the brokerage fees and investment amounts.