3 simple ways to earn free crypto
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3 simple ways to earn free crypto

Simple ways to earn free crypto without any money invested. All you need is a bit of time.

It can be scary jumping into the crypto world head first. When I first got my first bitcoin it was through a referral program where the exchange was giving away $20 for everyone that signs up and deposit at least $1 into the exchange. So I signed up, referred a few of my friends and the rest was history. Psychologically, it is a lower barrier to entry getting some crypto for free because even if you lose, it's not as real. It's also a great way to learn about the whole crypto ecosystem, wallets, sending and receiving bitcoin, exchanges etc. So when I stumbled on this reddit post about all the different ways you can earn free crypto, I wanted to try it out myself.

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I've ranked these from ease of obtaining free crypto:

  1. Publish0x

What if I told you that you can earn free crypto and also learn about crypto by reading? Publish0x is a blogging platform whereby it rewards readers with crypto in the form of ETH, AMPL, and iFARM (currently). You simply need to sign up, and start reading articles and tipping authors if you enjoyed the post. Tipping is on a scale of 0% up to 80% (reward to reader, but you get to decide by using the tipping scale at the end of each article, like below).

The crypto rewarded will be at random, for example, my tip below for an article today on the front page looked like this. At the time of writing, 0.0001721 IFARM is about 4 cents (USD). Grand total for tipping over the last couple of days is about 63 cents (USD). It's not a great amount and you probably won't get rich on it, but I like reading the articles anyway so why not get paid for it.

Publish0x Token Earnings

The next step for me on Publish0x would be to start publishing articles about crypto which would get higher earning but more time and effort. But since I'm starting this blog anyway, it might be a good place to also get some traffic to my site. I'll keep you posted and update this section once I get a grip on how much extra income I can get by becoming a publisher.

Money invested: 0/5

Time invested: 1/5

2. Brave Browser (Desktop / Mobile)

I'm now using Brave on my mobile browsing but have not switched over on my desktop (yet). Brave is a browser that blocks ads and trackers that slow you down and invade your privacy. To earn free crypto (in the form of Basic Attention Tokens aka BAT), you need to turn on the ads function, which allows users to earn BAT by viewing Brave ads. As you can see below, I've been using Brave for maybe a week on my phone and have earned over $1.0 USD in BAT on the highest ads frequency that can be selected (5 ads per hour).

BAT Reward for Ads

Money invested: 0/5

Time invested: 1/5 (I browse a lot but it's either Google Chrome with no rewards or Brave with BAT rewards)

3. Alien Worlds - Mining for TLM and NFTs

By chance I discovered Alien Worlds (which utilises the TLM token) due to it being listed in the Binance Launchpool. So I started staking my BNB to get a return in TLM tokens and thought "why don't I check out this game?" since I was getting about 0.09 TLM per hour per 3.3 BNB tokens staked. The easiest way to explain Alien Worlds is:

Alien Worlds  is a defi NFT metaverse where you can collect and play with unique digital items. · ERC-20 fungible token

Anyone can start playing for free by signing up and you can use the free tools you get to mine for TLM tokens. I think of this game as a gamified version of blockchain technology because the mining function is essentially using your computer's power to perform functions on the blockchain i.e. to solve problems and as a result get rewarded in TLM. It's anyone's guess at the moment what TLM's listing price might be but I was able to find a listing on CoinMarketCap at $6.84.  

TLM price on CoinMarketCap

I've been getting about 0.1 TLM by mining with the basic free tools given to you when you start and I was able to mine every 3 minutes or so. It's a little too frequent for me, so I went on to explore the WAX blockchain which is what this game is built on. You can purchase other tools to use in the game with WAXP token and the best value for money is to equip with 3 x standard drills. The prices of these have gone up astronomically because when I was reading about it, prices were around $1.50 per drill (7 WAX) and I bought in at $3.40 per drill (15 WAX). Prices continue to rise as I'm writing this article which is a combination of the effect of the Binance listing which is occuring on 2021-04-13 06:00 AM (UTC) and more players joining the game (supply vs demand).

Standard drill purchase on AtomicHub.io

I initially got into TLM as an experiment on Binance to see the various coins I'm able to get as a reward for staking, so I'll write a post to update after TLM lists on Binance. In the meantime, I'll keep on mining on Alien Worlds and then offload some once it's listed on Binance.

Money invested: 1/5 (although technically you can do it for free with the standard equipment)

Time invested: 3/5 - you have to remember to mine every few minutes and can be time consuming, but it's not so bad if you're on the computer and just check once in a while to mine

So that's the list of free crypto I've managed to get so far! I haven't tried everything on the Reddit list but it does take some time to get through everything. Some might not be worth the time investment and others might be great!

So have you been able to get free crypto in the past? Where and how did you end up getting them and what did you do with them in the end? I'd love to hear from everyone their experiences so far.