Crypto Side Hustle - April Earnings Report
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Crypto Side Hustle - April Earnings Report

If anyone has read my old posts, I only got into the cryptoverse in February 2021. I regret not getting into crypto earlier but I guess the best time to do it was yesterday and the next best time is today. When in doubt, I remember this meme:

Some people may feel late to the party and resist investing at all time highs. I had the same feeling when I jumped in in February when BTC was already hovering around $50K which is already a 60% increase from $30K just in January. So I started to plan, dollar cost averaging into BTC from my monthly salary. But this was still not enough. This is when I discovered some "free" ways to earn more crypto in my spare time. I've broken it down into Passive Income and Publishing Income. Note the below are all in Australian dollars.

Publishing Income

Shout Out to Publish0x

I remember I found out about Publish0x in a Reddit article about all the different ways to earn free crypto. It sounded too good to be true but I signed up anyway. I started tipping articles I enjoyed reading and learned a lot about crypto along the way. I also came across John Wege and his monthly crypto earnings articles which is also partly my inspiration to sign up as an author and create my own content to to detail my (short) experience in crypto. A few of my initial articles were not great, but I still got views and some tips. My last three articles here, here and here managed to blow up and by some miracle got onto the front page (which you can see by the increase in views below). My followers also increased with every article.

Shout out to Publish0x because without it I wouldn't have learnt about all the other platforms out there and the ways I can earn via blogging or otherwise. If you're seeing this article somewhere that's not Publish0x, consider signing up even if you just want to read articles because you can get tips crypto so there's nothing to lose!

Followers: +113

Total: $19.92

LeoFinance / Hive

After a few days of publishing on Publish0x, I received a comment on one of my articles urging me to look into LeoFinance because I can get more crypto there. What's interesting to me about Hive / LeoFinance is that the entire platform is on the blockchain which means it feels very different to something that is centralised like Publish0x. I signed up and then I was hooked to learn more! It's definitely a steep learning curve. I really like the community there and reading different posts to what's on Publish0x. I've only managed to get a good Leo payout on my first introduction post but I'm positive with some consistency and work, it'll become a good earner for me. I'll continue to power up Leo and Hive to get more power on the platform as well. If you'd like to join, feel free to use my referral.

Total:  $7.67


I've been cross posting my articles on Read.Cash as well given I keep seeing it mentioned everywhere. I thought might as well and give it a go. From my experience so far, I think it has potential. There seems to be a random rewarder that goes around and tips articles depending on some algorithms. For me it only takes a few more minutes to prepare the articles to post on Read.Cash so I will continue to use this platform. You get payment in the form of Bitcoin Cash which also helps me to diversify my crypto holdings.

Total: 0.00539 BCH = $7.16

Passive Income

There are many ways you can earn passive income with crypto which normally earns you a payout in crypto. I have tried almost all the different methods from Cefi to Defi. The most important for me would be to turn the active income into passive income so I can earn in my sleep!


Blockfi is a centralised finance system whereby you deposit various crypto in your savings account and earn interest. I only deposit BTC here which earns 6% APY (which is about to decrease to 5% APY). I don't hold much BTC at the moment so this return is fine. No issues for me so far although the phone app is not great.

Total: 0.00034 BTC = A$25.85


To diversify my holdings, I've decided to spread some of my BTC to Celcius. They're also offering a promotion at the moment whereby you get up to $40 in BTC by referring your friends, here's my referral link if you're thinking about signing up (need to do a first transfer of $400 or more to get the bonus). I deposited my BTC to get the bonus quite late in April so no interest earnings just yet. I quite like the UI of the app, and the security measures I can put in to make sure no one withdraws my BTC holdings.

Total: nil

BNB Staking

I started buying into BNB a bit before the pump. Even though Binance is a centralised system, I feel like they're quite smart with all the products they've deployed so far such as Binance Smart Chain and NFT marketplace. I wanted to use the BNB to get into Launchpad but due to the subscription method they use to allocate the launch token, you need quite a substantial holding to make a difference. So now, I have BNB staked in the Binance app for about 15% return (locked for 30 days). If anyone knows how to get notified for the 90 day staking (20% APY) let me know because it's always out of stock when I check.

Total: 0.02167 BNB = $17.92


I finally got into defi after thinking and researching for a while. I detailed my first CubFinance experience and why I decided to pull the trigger. I don't have much in the Den, but it's been earning nicely in the past few days. The price of Cub has gone down since swapping my BNB for Cub so hopefully this will improve with time. For now I'll just count the Cubs that has been generated from staking.

Total: 5.15 Cubs = $18.90

Alien Worlds

I've included Alien Worlds as part of passive income. I mean it's semi-passive. You have to remember to click to mine your TLM once in a while. For me that is every 40 minutes so it's been ok. I was lucky enough to get in before the Binance launch of the TLM token which sent the price skyrocketing and in return, paid off the money I spent on the tools I bought so I can mine faster. I also wrote about my earnings on Alien Worlds 10 days after the launch which include TLM and NFT mined from the game. The price of TLM also pumped a bit at the end of this month which helps.

Total: 146.5 TLM = $88.30


I'm actually quite surprised at the amount of extra income I was able to earn this month with a bit of extra effort. It might not seem like much but it has certainly gave me the inspiration to continue with my learning and investing journey in crypto. I plan to track my crypto income on the 1st of every month so I can keep myself accountable and motivated.

End Game

My ultimate goal is to earn $1000 per month in crypto side income by the end of this year. It won't replace my day job but it will give me something to strive for. I also intend to hold all of these crypto earnings without converting to fiat which gives me some diversification from my investment portfolio. Hopefully I can convert these slowly to passive holdings and increase my passive income along the way.

How are you earning more side income from crypto? Are you hodling the additional crypto or selling? What are your side hustle income goals? Let me know in the comments below!

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