About this site

Hey internet people!

Welcome to Invest0x, a blog detailing a millennial's journey to financial independence (FI) through investing in stocks, real estate and crypto. My passion in investing evolved a few times (and hence all the different asset classes I have invested in) and I hope that through this blog, I can inspire random strangers on the internet to start on your journey as well.

My inspiration for the name Invest0x came from an interesting blogging platform, Publish0x, which is a great way for anyone interested to learn more about crypto (starting with $0). Readers and publishers both earn free cryptocurrency (like Ethereum) by reading and watching content on this platform. You don't earn much by being a reader but I use it to do research and keep up with crypto news.

Anyway, back to the name. I'm not the type to go "all-in" on any specific investment class as I see advantages and disadvantages to all of them, so I will be writing about all of them. I will be blogging about my investing journey to reach financial independence.

Starting at 0x.