30 Days on Alien Worlds - Earnings, NFTs, CPU Outages and More
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30 Days on Alien Worlds - Earnings, NFTs, CPU Outages and More

It's been 30 days since landing on the Alien Worlds planets. I arrived initially with a simple shovel with a few other miners. We thought mining on these Alien planets is our escape from the tyranny of our own. As more miners joined, the pool of reward tokens and the chance to find valuable tools and weapons diminished. The Federation didn't dream of the day when so many miners would land on these planets to mine. They were certainly not prepared for it. CPU outage again. I need to stake more WAX. I've lost count the number of times I've had to do this. I guess it doesn't matter as long as they leave the gates to the mine open...but there is a price to be paid. How many days have I been on these planets again?

  1. Gear

I've been mining with the same gear since I landed on this planet. My 2 x standard drills and 1 x gasrigged extractor has served me well. Due to the influx of new miners in the game, TLM returns per mine has dropped to about 0.2 - 5 TLM per 38 minutes which was closer to 0.5 - 1 TLM before. I'm thinking about upgrading my build once I get paid from my mining efforts. I've found some tools that'll help me decide what to buy.

2. Land

There are many miners travelling to different planets and lands hoping to get rewarded in tokens and NFT drops without having to pay landowners exuberant commissions. I've heard from others the issues around landowners luring miners with zero commissions only to charge them a high fee when they were not looking. The Federation caught wind of this and eventually made it clear the commissions charged with each and every mine. I've been stuck in the methane swamplands of planet Kavian for some time now. I pay my fair share to the landowner for letting me stay on their land. They recently increased the commission from 0% to 5% which I feel is still fair. I would move to somewhere cheaper but the cost of moving is too high now. Everything I do cost me precious CPU which I cannot afford to run out.

3. Earnings

The only thing keeping us here is the trickle of rewards from The Federation. Miners in hope that they'll get lucky and find the next treasure. The game is calculated with pre-determined outcomes.  

3.1 TLM

Total TLM mined: 229 (+125 in May) / 6.5 TLM per day (-4.9 TLM per day since April)

Total value in BTC: 0.00000752 BTC per TLM x 125 = 0.00094 BTC (or ~A$58.75 / A$3 per day)

The mining has gotten a lot harder since the new miners are joining in droves. I've also lost motivation and sometimes simply forget to tap on the faucet for more. Click. Click. Click and repeat after 40 minutes.

3.2 NFTs

Besides the first three standard drills I bought on AtomicHub marketplace. Everything else was mined through the game. Mining for NFTs have also gotten a lot harder. There was a rebalancing event for NFTs drops as well from The Federation to make it fairer for everyone. I will probably experience less NFT drops in the coming weeks.

Total NFTs mined: 27 (+10 in May)

3.3 NFT Staking

I learnt that you can stake your NFTs from Alien Worlds on RPlanet to earn Aether. The price of Aether/WAX pair has increased quite dramatically since the last report. 1 Aether = 0.0015287 WAX at the moment (up from 0.00085203 last I looked, which seems to be a 80% increase). Unfortunately, staking Abundant NFTs from AW is coming to an end on RPlanet. I guess I'll have to carry them around in my backpack from now on.

Total Aether earned: 5,170 (+3,943 in May) or ~ $1.6

The difficulty level is rising for new comers as the initially Play2Earn game is turning into an Earn2Play. Stake WAX, buy better tools, are all becoming a barrier to entry. You can still join as a beginner. But it will be much harder to play it completely for free unless you have some money to invest to get the better tools and stake WAX from the get go. I'm patiently waiting for The Federation to unleash Thunderdome and other features like Planet Binance so we can create a use case for TLM.

How has your experience on Alien Worlds been? CPU outage has gotten worse for me and it's become a bit unplayable and I keep forgetting to mine TLM because of it.

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