10 days on Alien Worlds - Earnings, NFTs and More
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10 days on Alien Worlds - Earnings, NFTs and More

So it has been 10 days since the launch of Alien Worlds token, TLM, on the Binance exchange. In my previous post, I talked about my experience with the game leading up to the launch and how I made a whopping $14.60 for about 3 days work. I continued playing this game because it was a relatively easy way to earn more TLM which I can convert to BTC which is my ultimate goal.

Before I jump into my results, I have to say I have not been mining for TLM religiously. I try to remember to do it every 40 minutes or so (which is the cool down time I've set) but sometimes I forget because I'm busy with work and life in general. I also don't try and move around planets to get the highest TLM payouts either. So the below results are proportional to a pretty low amount of effort.

  1. Gear

Due to the initial hype of the game before the launch. I purchased some basic tools. 2 x standard drills and 1 x gasrigged extractor because I need higher cool down time. This was able to give me decent TLM returns per mine of about 0.5 - 1 TLM per 40 minutes.

2. Land

I've settled on Planet Kavian as it had one of the biggest mining pools when I looked. I then settled for the least amount of commissions and the highest amount of charge time land I could find. Use AWStats and sort by commission to find the coordinates. If you want to be a bit more active, you can join the Alien Worlds Discord and there are people there that own land and promote their land for mining who might also give out prizes too. I was too lazy to do this so I just opted for the lowest commission on Kavian with 3.5x charge time.

3. Earnings

So the thing everyone's been waiting for. It's pretty clear from the start the only reason for me to play this game is that it's relatively easy game to get TLM which I can then stack into BTC. And it's pretty much free so why not.

3.1 TLM

Total TLM mined: 114 (which is around 11.4 per day)

Total value in BTC: 0.0000044 BTC per TLM x 144 = 0.0005016 BTC (or ~A$30 / A$3 per day)

Not a bad result considering I'm not doing this religiously. However, the price of TLM has been steadily declining since it's launch on Binance which makes sense given there is no real demand for TLM in the game (as you can't buy items with it or use it in any meaningful way). Until further game play is released which will increase demand for TLM (like Thunderdome which requires you to pay TLM to enter into battles), I can't see the price of TLM increasing anytime soon.

3.2 NFTs

This is when it gets interesting. Besides the first three standard drills I bought on AtomicHub marketplace. Everything else was mined through the game.

Total NFTs mined: 17

Total value: probably not much, so I won't put it in dollar terms.

NFT Collection in RPlanet

3.3 NFT Staking

I learnt that you can stake your NFTs from Alien Worlds on RPlanet to earn Aether. The good thing about RPlanet is that the Aether accumulates until you claim so you don't have to do it every hour like Alien Worlds. I'm not sure what I can do with this Aether (probably sell it on Alcor exchange, 1 Aether = 0.00085203 WAX at the moment) so I'm just collecting it for now.

Total Aether earned: 1,228 or ~10 cents

I have to admit, getting about $3 per day from a game living in a first world country might not seem like a lot. I definitely won't be able to get rich on it. But when I zoom out of my own environment and examine the world. There are countries (take Venezuela for example) where the minimum wage per month, yes MONTH, is $2 USD. If they are able to afford a mobile device and internet, then this game has just provided above minimum wage for a lot of people in third world countries. What's more, convert the TLM token into BTC and you have a great store of value and withdraw only to fiat what you need for everyday living.

I feel like this is only possible thanks to the existence of crypto and blockchain. For now I think there is still a lot of potential for this game, given the game play released is probably only 1% of what has been planned.

Until then, keep stacking!